• Executive Coaching

    Be the best version of you and achieve your goals with the confidence of an experienced coach

    Jim Vaselopulos is a sought after executive coach focusing on leadership, business development, effective communications and professional development. He's good because he has had the success you seek. It's not the certifications that make a coach... it is their experiences and their ability to relate to you and your circumstances.

    Contact Jim to find out if Executive Coaching is for you.

  • Business Advisory Services

    A business advisor is the best investment you can make in your business

    Jim Vaselopulos is a C-level executive with a proven record as a rainmaker and new business development expert. With a reputation for principled leadership, strategic vision, and effective execution, Jim has built successful new enterprises and turned around underperforming organizations. Jim has been a consultant to many companies across nearly every industry. An entrepreneur at heart, Jim has started many companies, managed partnerships and participated in several well-orchestrated exits.


    As the founder of Rafti Advisors, Inc., Jim helps early stage companies get off on the right foot, growth stage companies push through plateaus and mature companies with strategic shifts and complex challenges.

    3 factors in selecting the right advisor !

    The right advisor should fit YOU!

    1. Does the advisor have the business experience you seek?
    2. Can they communicate effectively with you?
    3. Do you get along with them?
  • Sales Strategy, Coaching & Training

    Sales is the key to success in any business - master both the science and art of sales

    Jim Vaselopulos is a world-class sales trainer and coach. His approach is unique and combines both science and refined technique to help anyone get more sales results with far less effort. Jim routinely works with organizations on sales strategy and selling techniques for greater success. As a sales coach he helps CEO's, Sales management and front-line sellers establish "conscious competence" and achieve their objectives.

  • Leadership & Culture Development

    Leaders build cultures that persist and organizations that scale

    Growth requires a strong foundation

    Leaders are always planting seeds for the future

    Short-term success is just that - short-term. Lasting results require strong leadership with a principled eye toward the stewardship of a vibrant culture. Leaders understand the importance of creating other leaders in the context of a well-defined and grounded culture.


    Work with Rafti Advisors and learn from leaders who have run large organizations and built cultures that persist through management changes and last the test of time.

  • Keynote Speaking

    Add a dynamic speaker to your next event!

    Jim talks about:

    • Leadership
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Team Development
    • Business Strategy
    • Business Growth
    • Sales
    • Technology
    • Professionalism
    • and more...

    LEDx: The Enemy is You

    Confidence is a Measure, but Trust is Absolute​

    How the biases, emotions and lenses we view the world with can cloud our judgment and our perceptions. Presented by Jim Vaselopulos at LEDx at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama in March 2020.

  • Strategy Development

    Strategy is where creativity and experience exploit opportunity

    Strategy is not an outcome!

    Strategy is born from creativity, success is born from experience

    A strategy is not an outcome, it is an ongoing process. Anyone who suggests they will develop a strategy for you is someone who has never been around to see one through. Experienced leaders know that strategy is weaved into the fabric of your business in the context of the current business environment.


    Work with Rafti Advisors and learn from experts who have enjoyed the strategic success that defines careers and solidifies legacies.