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    a collection of some keynote speeches and interviews with Rafti Advisors

    LEDx 2.0: The Arithmetic of Leadership

    How Your Leadership Style Matters As Much As The Result

    A discussion on four distinct styles of leadership as presented by Jim Vaselopulos at LEDx at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama in January 2019.

    LEDx 3.0: The Enemy is YOU

    Confidence is a Measure, but Trust is Absolute

    A discussion on how the biases, emotions and lenses we view the world with can cloud our judgment and our perceptions. Presented by Jim Vaselopulos at LEDx at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama in March 2020.

    Leadership Lessons from Pulp Fiction

    Collaboration with The Colonel's Leadership Council

    A fun way to learn about crisis leadership from Winston Wolf.

    Powering Through Tough Times

    Actionable Tips for Dealing with Crisis

    Join CEO and business advisor Jim Vaselopulos, Retired Navy Seal Steve Drum and America's most trusted celebrity psychologist Dr. E to discover tools to rise above crisis.

    Rounding The Bases Live Episode 113 with Jim Vaselopulos

    Rounding The Bases Podcast

    This is a fun podcast with Joel Goldberg, radio announcer for the Kansas City Royals. We talk about many aspects of business and life.

    Sales for Leaders

    The Leadership Podcast

    30-minute discussion with Jan Rutherford & jim Vaselopulos from The Leadership Podcast

    #WeAllServe - Episode #40 with Jim Vaselopulos

    #WeAllServe Podcast

    A weekly podcast hosted by Angel Torres and Shalom Klein featuring leaders in the veteran community.

    Leaders with Leaders w/ Jim Vaselopulos

    CAPE Lead Leadership

    Podcaster with poscaster! I'm super jazzed to host a true student of leadership, and the co-host of The Leadership Podcast, Jim Vaselopulos! I heard Jim speak at a recent leadership event and I adore every episode of his podcast. Tune in and listen to us discuss, movies, military, and everyting inbetween. He was a great guest and I hope to have him on again soon! Cheers!

  • Podcast & Radio Appearances

    podcast appearances by Rafti Advisors

    Maximizing Results with Minimal Inputs with Advisor Jim Vaselopulos

    Startup Hypeman Podcast

    There's this weird obsession with hustle culture, where you're made to feel that if you're not working 70 hour weeks that you must be doing something wrong. What if there was another way?

    A Masterclass in Leadership w/Jim Vaselopulos

    Podcast: Hardwired For Growth

    A great discussion on leadership, entrepreneurship, sales and some really useful tips on drinking alcohol with clients.

    3 Critical Components of the Successful Leader

    Podcast: Manager Mojo Podcast

    A conversation with Jim Vaselopulos, a C-level executive with a proven record as a rainmaker and business development expert.

    Jim Vaselopulos Gets Down To Business

    Podcast: Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein

    A short talk with Jim Vaselopulos regarding what businesses need to do, especially during crisis times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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