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    Relationship Selling Quick Reference Guide

    PDF Format

    This is a Quick Reference Guide for the Relationship Selling Program developed by Rafti Advisors. Use this as a handy reminder of how to maximize your sales and help your prospects buy!

    Sales Velocity Spreadsheet

    MS Excel Format (.xslx)

    Sales Velocity is an incredible concept for individual sellers and sales mangers. Download this spreadsheet to run scenarios, plan ahead and decide where to focus your efforts for maximum return.

    Summary of

    Sales Velocity &

    Exactly What To Say

    PDF Format

    This Quick Reference Guide includes a summary of the book Exactly What To Say by Phil Jones and ties in his "magic words" into the individual elements of the Sales Velocity Formula

    the FULL Relationship Selling Program online

    Prezi Online

    Sales is the key to success in any business - master both the science and art of sales. Follow this link to see the full support slideshow online.

  • Sales Strategy, Coaching & Training

    Sales is the key to success in any business - master both the science and art of sales

    Jim Vaselopulos is a world-class sales trainer and coach. His approach is unique and combines both science and refined technique to help anyone get more sales results with far less effort. Jim routinely works with organizations on sales strategy and selling techniques for greater success. As a sales coach he helps CEO's, Sales management and front-line sellers establish "conscious competence" and achieve their objectives.

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