• Pandemic Response

    FREE coaching during a time when we most need to band together


  • Why

    Most of us have quarantined ourselves in our homes with the hope of minimizing the pandemic outbreak. Regardless of the outcome, the financial and economic implications will be very real.


    The cancelation of major sporting events alone has a frighteningly large impact on so many of the most vulnerable businesses in our economy. Just as we hope to contain the spread of the virus to avoid overwhelming our healthcare system, it is important for us to marshal the resources to avoid overwhelming our economy.


    Our global economy, supply chains and revenue streams are connected in ways we will only begin to fully appreciate in the coming weeks. It is imperative that we don't just take care of ourselves, but we take care of all of the companies in our supply chain... even our competitors. We can get through this, but we must work TOGETHER!


    All sessions will be conducted via Zoom video conferencing. Sessions will be 30 minutes in length. A meeting invite will be sent to you upon scheduling using the calendar widget at the top of the page.

    Ground Rules

    Please be prepared for this meeting. There is only so much we can accomplish in 30 minutes. As such, it is important for you to succinctly explain what your current plans are. We can then pressure test those plans and discuss any challenges or changes based on additional perspectives or business conditions.

    • NO POLITICS.  We will not discuss politics.
    • ALL BUSINESS.  Let's discuss your business and run through scenarios and ideas that allow you maintain your cash-flow and position you for success once we begin to return to normal.
    • INTRODUCTIONS.  I may make a referral to someone else I know if you have a specific set of concerns that I believe they may address more directly. I make no representations for their work, their availability, or their commitment to servicing you in these uncertain times.

    A Plea, A Pledge and a Thank You

    I hope that other advisors, coaches and professionals follow suit and offer themselves to business leaders and owners who may be less fortunate in this time of need. We need everyone who is able to step up to do so and be economic first-responders.


    Furthermore, I pledge to absorb as much financial pain as possible and resist the urge and temptation to cut off the vendors who depend on my revenue to run their businesses. Just as our healthcare system depends on each individual doing their part... so does our inter-connected global economy.


    Finally, I thank my current clients. I treasure their trust and confidence in me.


    My clients know that I've always supported military veterans for free and that their patronage is what allows me to continue those efforts. In this time of need, I know they are also supportive of my efforts to help others in need while they continue to engage me for my services. Because of this I have re-doubled my efforts to support anyone who has supported me.


    It is only with a giving attitude and a long-game perspective that we can all come out of this together.

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  • Terms & Conditions

    By scheduling an appointment, the parties agree that this is a contractual agreement for free advisory services, offered with no fees during the pandemic crisis. The term of this agreement only covers any scheduled session using the calendar widget at the top of the page.


    By agreeing to meet with Rafti Advisors, you will be automatically added to the Rafti Advisors newsletter list. You can unsubscribe whenever you want.


    This offer of a free consultation is being offered in a time of crisis and out of the kindness a neighbor would extend to a friend in need. Because of that, neither party in the performance of their obligations under this Agreement shall hold the other liable for outcomes that are unfavorable. Because of the acute severity of the pandemic outbreak in the constantly changing business environment, the parties understand that advice provided can be invalid based on changing circumstances and without notice.


    This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, notwithstanding its conflict of law principles. All parties agree not to litigate outcomes with one another and will maintain confidentiality of all discussions between both parties.