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    LEDx 2.0: The Arithmetic of Leadership

    How Your Leadership Style Matters As Much As The Result

    A discussion on four distinct styles of leadership as presented by Jim Vaselopulos at LEDx at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama in January 2019.

    Business Survival Basics

    LinkedIn article

    Surviving in the wild has a Rule of 3's. You can live 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. Surviving in business requires...

    Never Stop Balancing Risk & Reward

    LinkedIn article

    What we have forgotten is that the process of reducing risk to zero simultaneously reduces opportunity to zero.

    Self-Talk: Small Changes That Can Make A Big Difference In Your Leadership

    Forbes article

    Sometimes the most profound impacts on our results start with small changes in self-talk.

    Your Best Should Get Your Most: Developing Your Star Players

    Training Industry article

    Give top performers the most playing time and the most attention, and they’ll deliver the greatest results. Take care of your star players, and they will take care of you.

    The Curious Secret to Hiring Better Salespeople

    Forbes article

    There’s a pretty simple approach you can implement to make better hiring decisions in the sales process. First and foremost, start by decreasing the focus on past experience and emphasizing the behaviors that support the foundation of a winning sales culture.

    The Lowest Form of Leadership

    LinkedIn article

    The easy path of leadership is the same as the easy laugh - shameful, immoral and embarrassing.

    12 Ways To Scale Your Culture As Your Company Grows

    Forbes article

    Culture doesn’t scale — it persists. If history is an example, cultures persist when they are...

    Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Energy

    Forbes article

    Can you imagine adding an extra month of productivity into your life per year without adding more hours in the day?

    The Key to Being a Corporate "Fixer"

    LinkedIn article

    Assumptions are bad in business and bad in life. They often lead to unnecessary and unrecognized risks. Most people know this, but...

    11 Time Management Myths That Are Hurting Your Productivity

    Forbes article

    "Plan your day" used to be the mantra of time management. However, if all you do is plan your day, long-term goals never get any closer...

    What Does It Mean To Make Values-Based Decisions? 12 Entrepreneurs Weigh In

    Forbes article

    The most successful people give action to their values with the decisions they make every day. This is how you build...

    15 Top Tips To Become A Better Team Player At Work

    Forbes article

    One of the most powerful gifts we can give to another human being is to truly see them - and the best way to do this is ...

    Pressure Test Your Assumptions

    LinkedIn article

    Just as a pressurized vessel will burst at the site of a weak weld, a business plan or strategy will fail at the site of an assumption. We can apply the same concept of pressure testing to ensure the validity of a strategy or plan. The key is to…

    11 Changes You Need To Make If You Want To Win The 'Talent War'

    Forbes article

    Candidates appreciate when you teach them skills and resent when you try to change behaviors. Define winning talent...

    Create Company Rapport: 15 Ways To Build Trust Through Teamwork

    Forbes article

    If the projects you are on can be accomplished by you alone, you are not reaching high enough. Pick projects that are bigger, set goals that are higher and ...

    Effective Ways Employers Can Prevent Overworking Their Workforce

    Forbes article

    Make sure you speak with the individuals on your team and see if they are operating in ways that balance work, health and family/friends. You can run out of balance for a short time, but ...

    Try These 12 Strategies If You Need To Stop Micromanaging

    Forbes article

    As a leader, it is critical to focus your time on the activities that only you can do. Your role is to set right and left limits on...

    13 Mental Tricks To Get Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Forbes article

    Start by identifying the fear that makes something uncomfortable, then go through a quick mental exercise to...

    What Can I Teach A Green Beret?

    LinkedIn article

    I recently had the good fortune to join an expedition in the Canyonlands of Utah with an extraordinary group of men…

    What Does It Mean To Be An Agile Leader?

    Forbes article

    We live in a world where leaders are expected to be consistent, firm and resolute. However, we also live in a fast-paced and chaotic environment...

    Here's How To Create An Employee Feedback Cycle That Actually Works

    Forbes article

    Top performers are autonomous and get great results... that's why they deserve the most attention.

    Creative Onboarding Strategies To Set Your New Hire Up For Success

    Forbes article

    Nothing is as powerful as welcoming people to your tribe. Formalizing the process can be fun, but people feel most welcomed when they...

    Stuck In Startup: 11 Ways To Overcome Budgetary 'Analysis Paralysis'

    Forbes article

    Important advice on how to manage through tough budgetary times.

    How To Manage Anxiety When Owning A Mistake At Work

    Forbes article

    If you do what great athletes do and make the next shot great, then people will talk not about your misstep, but about the great shot you just made.

    Sharpen Your Professional Skills Outside Work With These 15 Tips

    Forbes article

    Nobody should care about your future and your development more than you. Your company may not be investing in you, but that is no excuse for you not to invest in you.

    14 Tips For Overcoming Chronic Procrastination

    Forbes article

    If you are one of the many “proud” procrastinators out there who do their best work under pressure...

    Onboarding A New Employee? Follow These 11 Effective Strategies

    Forbes article

    Onboarding for performance is important, but onboarding a new friend is key.

    14 Common Knowledge And Skill Gaps Coaches See In New Entrepreneurs

    Forbes article

    Don't confuse confidence with competence!

    Six Ways Health Execs Can Advance Their Careers More Quickly

    Managed Healthcare Executive

    When looking to move up the ladder, it’s important for an executive to have a team below them that is just as successful as he or she is.

    11 Ways To Transform Your Customer Service Into A Five-Star Experience

    Forbes article

    Some great insights on the steps necessary to ensure every customer experience is a five-star moment.

    'Agile Leadership': 13 Definitions Of A Successful Professional

    Forbes article

    Agility should never be confused with reaction to the world around you. If you are purely reactive, you are letting other people dictate the terms of your success...

    12 Tips For Building A Positive Corporate Culture From The Ground Up

    Forbes article

    If you want to make sure the "soul" of your company is understood and will perpetuate the culture you envisioned at the onset...

    How To Turn A 'No' Into A Stronger Relationship

    Forbes article

    If you want to turn a "no" into a stronger relationship, you must first build a positive foundation and then implement three simple changes...

    13 Challenges Solopreneurs Encounter And How To Overcome Them

    Forbes article

    As with any business venture, being a solopreneur comes with its own set of challenges...

    A Masterclass in Leadership w/Jim Vaselopulos

    Podcast: Hardwired For Growth

    A great discussion on leadership, entrepreneurship, sales and some really useful tips on drinking alcohol with clients.

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